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Contact your teachers at the school at 365-8129, or by email:

Beth Thompson: sra2thompson@hotmail.com (4th-6th grade English Reading and Language Arts)

Becky Ballón: ballonmessydesk@yahoo.com (4th-6th grade Math, 6th grade Spanish Reading & Language Arts)

Delia Angles deliangles@gmail.com  (4th-6th grade Social Studies and 4th & 5th grade Spanish Reading and Language Arts)

Gloria Pagán gloria.arismendy@yahoo.com  (4th-6th grade Science and 4th -5th grade Health)

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Writing a Bibliography: A how-to guide

Choosing great books!

Grammar Games for Grammar Gurus

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Research Activities

Hispanic Heritage Month
Cultural Study 2014-15 (Mexico)

Cultural Study 2013-2014

Cultural Study 2012-2013

Webquest: Cultural Study 2011-12 (Argentina)

Archived Cultural Study Projects (saved old ones)

WebQuest: Immigration Study

WebQuest: African-American History

WebQuest: Women's History

WebQuest: Nutrition

 Cultural Comparison

 Mythology WebQuest

Virtual Field Trip:  The Underground Railroad

Research: Body Systems

Research: Drug Use & Abuse

Research:  U.S. Geography

Research: Bullying

Research: U.S. Natural Disasters

Research: Animals

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